Why hire a professional? Can’t I teach my own kid how to ride a bike/have my friends teach me how to ride a bike?
You can and people certainly do but I’ve found that often having the help of a professional makes that little bit of a difference to get a struggling rider going. Many of my students have tried to learn unsuccessfully in the scenarios listed above. Having someone who is patient and has done it before is helpful. Some parents don’t know how to bike themselves, aren’t physically able to help their child learn, can’t find the time or place, or can’t handle the tears or whining. I also find that a professional teacher removes the relationship tension or frustration that may have developed between parent-child or friends/partners.

How many lessons will the student need in order to learn to ride a bike?
Likely 2-4 lessons, though it varies from student to student. Some will get riding in the first lesson then need one more lesson to develop the basic riding skills. Others will need a few lessons to get riding.  We can schedule several lessons at once, or schedule them as we go.

Do you have an age minimum or maximum? Fitness level requirement?
My minimum age for lessons is 6 years old. I have taught riders from ages 3 to people in their 70s; you’re never too old to learn! It’s helpful if there’s at least a small desire to learn or try. For really little kids, (ages 2-4), getting them riding around on a balance bike is great preparation for a 2 wheel bike. There is no fitness level requirement – I have taught young athletes and obese people.

When and where are lessons taught? How long is each lesson?
We schedule a time and location that is convenient for both the teacher and student/family. The lesson can be 60, 75, or 90 minutes long. I am flexible!

How long do you recommend a lesson is – 60, 75, or 90 minutes?
This is often dependent on the student. Generally,  I recommend 75 minutes but the student’s attention span and physical stamina should be considered.

Do you only offer lessons to learn how to ride?
No! I’m happy to also offer lessons to people who have learned to ride but are ready to progress to riding on a path or want to learn to ride safely on the street. Those looking to ride on the street should be able to comfortably ride in a straight line, look over both shoulders, and ride with one hand on the bar at a time.

What happens if it rains/looks like it’s going to rain during my lesson?
We should make the decision a few hours before the lesson. I’m happy to do the lesson in the rain (but not thunder/lightening), but I also want it to be a positive experience so if rain will make the rider totally miserable, let’s reschedule. I find that Dark Sky is very accurate with it’s rain forecast.

Do I need a bike? Do I need a helmet? If I don’t have one, should I buy one before the lesson?
You do need a bike and helmet that fit (very important that it’s not too big!). If you don’t have one, consider borrowing one from friends/family. I may be able to help with a loaner bike/helmet – contact me to discuss. I don’t recommend buying a bike until after you’ve had lessons. Learn more about bike/helmet requirements here.

How much do lessons cost?
My suggested rate is $60/hour. The rate may be increased if significant travel is involved.

I can’t afford that. Can I still learn?
Yes!  I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike regardless of income so I am happy to work within your budget – just contact me to discuss.

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